Dunc1Dunc Dyason has worked in Guatemala City with street kids for 21 years.  The first 2 years he spent living in Guatemala and then moved back to the UK to help develop the fundraising side of the work.

In January 2013 Dunc moved back to live in Guatemala City and begin to focus on the development of an outreach work with street kids, the coordination of organisations working with high-risk and street kids, the implementation of Child Protection Policies and good practice and the development of a mentoring programme that is aimed at reaching the hardest to reach children and those at most risk.

Dunc drives down to visit the projects in Honduras once a month to help with the development of the work.

If you are interested in Dunc's work you can read more about it via his FACEBOOK page or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and ask to receive his personal news and prayer letter.

Dunc is able to offer his time freely to the charity thanks to those who support him financially.  If you would like to help support Dunc with either a one-off gift or regularly then please do This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and further information will be sent to you.


Rescued from the streets


Left in a cardboard box when he was only 15 days old, this little baby fought for his life and was rescued the same day from the city streets of Honduras and is now 6 years old.

Early one evening Dunc and a team from the Manuelito Project in Honduras were working on the streets of Tegucigalpa, Honduras and came across a group of boys who were fairly high on solvent.  One of the boys told the team that a lady had left a baby in a box earlier that day and now they were trying to guard it.

Duncan1When the box was opened the team found a little baby inside and immediately took it to the hospital.  The doctor said that he would have only survived a few more hours and was amazed how well he had coped without any attention.  The baby was a boy and was estimated to be about 15 days old.

The following day the baby had to be registered as an abandoned baby so that the Manuelito Project could then offer him a home.  The judge named the boy Duncan and the photo on the right is baby Duncan a few months later with Duncan Dyason.

Duncan is now at the Manuelito home and enjoying life to the full.   

From streets to teacher

Maricela Maribel y Rita

Maribel (centre) grew up on the streets of Honduras' capital, Tegucigalpa.  She learned the skills needed to survive on the streets but longed to have a family, to be loved and to have a home.

One day Maribel and her two little friends, Maricela (photo above left) and Rita (photo above right), met Pastor Jorge Pinto, a local church pastor. Pastor Pinto had started a small refuge for street children and invited the girls to come on one of the activities.

MaricelaThe old photo on the right was taken by a national newspaper when the girls were still on the streets.  Life on the streets, according to Maribel was very difficult and included begging, trying drugs, living with daily abuse, hunger and the fear of falling asleep as "bad things happen to you when you sleep".

Thanks to Pastor Pinto and the team at the Manuelito home all 3 girls eventually learned to trust and took the step of leaving the streets and living in the home.  It was an easy transition for the girls to make but they slowly adapted to their new family and in 2009 graduated as teachers.  

When the girls graduated they offered to help teach the children at the home as they felt they were well placed to understand them.  Maribel, Maricela and Rita continue as teachers at the home today.

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