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CHRISTMAS IS COMING! This year The Big Give are offering to DOUBLE all donations made on the 4th, 5th or 6th december through The Big Give website for Street Kids Direct!  We are seeking to raise £20,000 through this year´s challenge to provide a team of four street workers for the next three years for Guatemala City.  Your donation can now make double the impact!  Check out the 1 minute info video.


Stories of lives changed

  • Baby Duncan
  • Maribel
  • Bairon & Jairon

Rescued from the streets


Left in a cardboard box when he was only 15 days old, this little baby fought for his life and was rescued the same day from the city streets of Honduras and is now 6 years

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From streets to teacher

Maricela Maribel y Rita

Maribel (centre) grew up on the streets of Honduras' capital, Tegucigalpa.  She learned the skills needed to survive on the streets but longed to have a family, to be loved and to have a home.


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Twins transformed


It's a miracle to see these two boys come from the streets and know how hard they have both worked to remain off the streets.  These two brothers have really come a long way since they left the

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